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February 24 2008

who's more mystical, an Ancient Chinese Calligrapher, or a Modern Chinese Font-maker?

what's more cultural ....

what's more romantic ...


February 23 2008


How the internet works

it costs your famikly more money for every second you look at a webpage.. it's proven. don't keep the connection up longer than you need it close the webpage right after your eye sees it it will remain in memory.

otherwise if you keep looking ati t or if you  leave the internet page on your computer while you cook a food, then it will cost more money every second. PLEASE WARN UR FRIENDS OR ELSE THE ENEMY WILL WIN

February 16 2008


distributed memory

you can't depend entirely on reference (inability to cognitively link information)

and you can't memorize everything (loss of bigger-picture -> tangent, digression)

"googling" (generic for internet-reference) is nice. unfortunately, retention of information gotten in such an insanely easy manner (very close to an extension of my memory/knowledge) is very short-lived, because I know where to go to find it again.

February 14 2008

I believe that anyone who is sure that there is a God is lying.

I believe that anyone who is sure that there is not a God is lying.


February 13 2008

hmm.... cease.... seize...
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a 45 second "Experimentale Filme" I made with fractals and LiVES and a soundtrack cut n pasted out of some futurist piano playing, can's future days, glenn gould, bleeps. there's also some birds and a turtle. and the GLOB at the end was a kaleidoscopic circle thing lifted from somewhere, and then orange-globbified by compression.

suggested viewing method is to watch through, go "huh" or "heh" or "neat" or "dumb", and then pause and skip around randomly. some of the fractals and combos are really nice.

Cool in the Shade

deja vu all over again! ... "cool in the shade" ... long while back found another video-feedback video, I think on youtube.. this was just the screen though, not a projector and people. and I believe the song was different.

but the thing is, anyhow, there has to be some kind of connection. probably the same people made both. maybe they also made the song.

BOOM! found it. the song is pretty intense. it's all pretty intense. can't say I miss cable tv. :p

February 09 2008


extreme douche-bag geraldo rivera "interviews" alleged supernatural suggestor charles manson, persistently tries to turn the conversation to murder

February 08 2008

oh no, the rest of the world has lost connectivity!
— U.S. media, reporting (to themselves) on the rest of the world cutting them off

February 07 2008

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Have you started your Life-Poem?

February 06 2008

they found a peace bone in a dinosaur's wing

oh man I read from a credible source that the sky is falling.

also you might not have heard, but squirrels run in front of cars and birds swoop low in front of them for the thrill of it. ask anyone! I can't believe you didn't know that.
XaoS' ( "incoloring" / "outcoloring" ) :: directed graph ( "indegree" / "outdegree" ) ?

how or in which medium could this correlation be demonstrated?

this is amazingly great stuff that EVERYONE should be interested in, even if they have all their limbs (and not in some kind of pitying "help the less fortunate" way.)


I cannot endorse the following lecture enough. it's about "Body Hacking", or "Functional Body Modification" ... and it's very in-depth in a lot of extremely exciting ways (duh, it's Chaos Communication Congress) including medical ethics/law regarding "fixing" a human versus "improving" a human.

also the black-market surgical labs. :D :D :D

how long is the coast of uunet?

- The queueing theory originally developed for circuit-switched networks is applicable to packet-switched networks. The most notable difference between these sub-fields is that packet-switched data traffic is self-similar. This is a consequence of the calls being between computers, and not people.

- how long is the coast of your h-index
bop bop perono ftw! :D

February 02 2008


"alter-christus" in recent culture list

the fight club guy
the "I am legend" guy
uh this list used to be longer, I've forgotten some of the good ones.

January 28 2008



Z - R - Y - L, and the left hand for drink/food/other. I can reach a 12 on a piano, should be doable.

January 27 2008



oh, oh, oh! also. a form of compression which is simply speeding the waveform up by a large magnitutde, and then slowing it down during decompression/playback. would that work?

* problems: would quality be damaged. (how much, is it a problem, weighing the pros/cons, is it worth it)

-- not feasible.

January 20 2008


How many "mens studies" classes are there?

LOL it would just be "they want to have sex end of lesson LOLLOLOOOLOLOL"

but seriously, I can almost not even tolerate this type of humor to the minor extent it takes to comment on it being trashy boring and inane indeed to the level of "race" humor.

there was some thing it was a list titled "Mens English" and it was 'translations' of what men REALLY mean when they say certain things!!!! DECIPHER THE CODE!!!

it was ugly, and I'm sorry my eyes skimmed over it. the following is an onion article exemplifying the need for re-evaluating western ideas of masculinity and the unraveling of the john wayne mythos.

"New Roommates Attempt To Find Manly Way Of Saying Good Night"

I think just as much, or more of a case could be made for campuses offering "mens studies" but really it all seems pretty trite. men are womenly and women are manish. next.

January 19 2008

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